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Transforming Thinking

Transforming Lives.

Primary and secondary school

Since 2015 we are running a school that provides access to primary school to over 1000 forcibly displaced children (refugee and asylum seekers) at Dzaleka refugee camp Malawi. Every year we have 40 students’ refugees and Malawians under our Secondary School Sponsorship program, 90% are girls.

Take the Lead Program

Fountain Of Hope Africa in collaboration with Mexoxo and the eCornell to promote education for the most disadvantaged. Through this collaboration we provide access to skills-based instruction to refugees, asylum seekers and other underserved people especially women. Program participants complete online courses delivered through eCornell in leadership, entrepreneurship, time management, and career exploration to prepare for entrepreneurship, employment, and community involvement. The content is designed for pairing with other social and educational programming and provides participants with a foundation for launching careers that earn a living income and promote sustainable self-sufficiency.

The curriculum is:

Distinguishing Between Leading and Managing
Overcoming Challenges
Motivating People
Evaluating Your Leadership
Distinguish Between Hygiene and Motivation Factors
Apply Expectancy Theory and Equity Theory to Influence Effort and Performance
Examine Personal Social Networks
Describe Leadership’s Effect on High-Performance Teams
Propose Conflict Resolution Strategies
Aligning Time to Priorities
Auditing Priorities to Assess Fit
Audit Actions to Assess Time
Evaluation for Performance Improvement
Strategic Work Distribution
Explore Your Target Career Paths
Outline Your Job Search Plan
Complete a Career Assessment
Improve Your Resume
Interview for Success
Practice Networking Course Map
Use LinkedIn
Create Your Personal Brand
Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Assemble Resources
Establish Processes and Systems for New Ideas
Scale and Sustain New Opportunities

School recovery program

In the Eastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we are running a School Recovery Program in Bukavu and the surrounding territories, that is currently serving over 500 children. This Accelerated Learning Programs provides education opportunities to out-of-school minors survivors of armed conflicts and poverty who are between the age of 12 and 17. The program compresses the equivalent of the sixyear primary program into three years, allowing students to re- enter the formal education system at the secondary level or qualify for vocational training. To promote inclusion in education, this program prioritizes teen mothers due to their higher level of vulnerability due to stigma and exclusion from education while boys are all accepted even when after impregnating girls.

Higher education sponsorship

This program is designed to Empower girls Enhance women education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It creates high education opportunities for marginalized girl by sponsoring their College/University learning cycle. The program supports the beneficiaries with tuition fees and learning materials and it gives a special consideration to those survivors of SGBVs. This program sponsors several girls in the Eastern of the DRC every year since 2021.

Economic Empowerment and Poverty alleviation

Our Economic Empowerment and poverty alleviation program aims to build a strong and long-lasting self-reliance among individuals, families, and communities. We provide business literacy to women and youth, access to capital, mentorship, and coaching; 93% of the beneficiaries supported during the last 5 years were able to sustain and grow they business, and 78% were able to employ at least one more person from their communities. I addition to this we provide vocational skills to women to boost entrepreneurship and maximize the utilization of their potentials for their economic independence. For COVID-19 response 1002 vulnerable households benefited from our unconditional social cash transfer that allowed them to overcome the socio-economic effects of the global pandemic.

Food security

Using ecology friendly methodologies, we are supporting smallholder farmers with agriculture technics through training, mentoring, and coaching, and help them access agriculture inputs. these efforts are revitalizing farmland, improving food security, rural livelihood, and economic recovery. We mobilized the communities in cooperatives and give them access hybrid seeds and trained them in organic fertilizer production. This program is extended to a food relief Aid for in need communities that are vulnerable to food insecurity, due to armed conflicts, climate and or economic shocks. FOH intention is to support other families that are food insecure, especially during the lean months where the cost of food and the scarcity of food increases significantly.

Water and Sanitation

Due to the water crisis and the congestion of Dzaleka refugee camp in MALAWI, we supply potable water to over 1000 refugee households and 9 community schools in the camp daily on daily basis since 2020. In the Eastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo we are actively engaged in easing the access to clean water and sanitation facilities in rural areas of the Eastern part of the country, with special focus on highrisk public facilities like schools, health centers and markets. According to UNICEF over 30 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have no access to clean water and nearly 30% do not have access to sanitation facilities.

Tulia project

The Tulia project is a Mental Health program that is implanted through the incorporation of a mental therapy, medical referrals, and socio-economic reinsertion. The project serves the increasing number of survivors of armed conflicts. This process of mental health includes medical support supplements to cover the cost of associated medical needs. We also see beneficiaries progressing from counselling to other elements of our programs such as reintegration into school or access to our economic empowerment program to start small businesses etc.


All our actions and initiatives are conceived and implemented to bring positive changes to the lives of underserved communities.

Fleeing persecution from Burundi I arrived in Dzaleka refugee camp Malawi with my five children and nothing else after losing my husband and

Josiane Mukanyonga Cash Transfer beneficiary

Fountain Of Hope is a relief for our children who could not find a place in school, this school started like miracle, I

John Paul Father of Lucy (one of our students)

My husband passed away and left me with four children and an unroofed house. We have been suffering a lot during the rain

Dorika Moyo Cash Transfer beneficiary

Since our father passed died by accident we lost hope because none could help to pay for our school fees. Three of my

Ethel Mdala  Secondary School sponsorship beneficiary

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