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Enable affected communities to produce their food and boosting their capacity to make wealth. Empowering Small farm-holders and helping communities to diversify their source of income are some of our key strategies fight

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Economic Empowerment of forcibly displaced people to build their financial recovery, reduce their dependency on AID and promote their long lasting self-sufficiency through business skills, access to financial resources, coaching and mentoring. YOU

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Refugees are not a Burden to the host countries but an Asset if the are given the opportunity to use their potentials. Read this short story of Victor, a refugee from the Democratic

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THE STRONG CONNECTION WE HAVE WITH THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE Most of our staff members have a lived experience similar to what individuals and the communities we serve are going through. This makes

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As we approach the end of this transformative year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated partners, staff and friends. Your unwavering commitment to our mission has been the driving

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NO ONE KNOWS THE CHALLENGES REFUGEES FACE THAN REFUGEES THEMSELVES Few days ago our team joined INUA, Refugee Led Organizations RELO and ATE HUB in a community conversation about education opportunities for Dzaleka

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Marking the program with our 2023 goal of reaching 500 participants for this amazing online learning program where Fountain Of Hope in collaboration with Mexoxo and the eCornell University promote education for the

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Five Star Team Member of the last three Months ! Ou acknowledgment goes to our super Field Assistant Alex for his dedication and flexibility. During this critical time of congestion and limited resources

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Exciting news for both refugees and host communities at Dzaleka refugee camp Malawi. Fountain Of Hope Africa in collaboration with Mexoxo and the eCornell University to promote education for low income individuals. Through

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This Monday we acknowledge the amazing efforts of our Education Department team for their unlimited dedication to share their knowledge and wisdom to the you generation and their hard work to contribute for