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Five Star Team Member. - Fountain of Hope Africa

Five Star Team Member.

December 26, 2023 Fohope 0 Comments

Five Star Team Member of the last three Months !

Ou acknowledgment goes to our super Field Assistant Alex for his dedication and flexibility. During this critical time of congestion and limited resources at Dzaleka refugee camp Malawi where accessing potable water has become one of the biggest challenges that refugees are facing, Alex has been very dedicated to deliver clean water to the community by reaching out to hundreds of families each and every day. Access to clean improves families economy by minimizing the risks of diseases which could cost a lot of money to the families, saves time so families can concentrate on other activities that can help them generating income, reduces the rate of absenteeism of students from school and promotes women and girls productivity as they are the ones who spend more than 6 hours per day trying to find where to fetch water for their families.

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