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Unlocking the Locked Potentialities

August 26, 2023 Fohope 0 Comments

Karim and Wyllo live in Dzaleka refugee camp MALAWI for over six years now since they fled violence from the Eastern of D.R.Congo. After loosing everything from their home country they have been living without any income since they arrived in the refugee camp where they have no access to employment opportunities but also where basic resources are very limited due to the congestion of the camp and the cut off of funding for the Organizations taking of refugees in the country.

Last month they were passing by our office and they saw us struggling to start a petrol/gasoline power generator while we had emergency work to do and all our laptops’ batteries were died but also there was no electricity.

They walked in and asked if they can help to repair the generator but we doubted of their capacity to do it. Finally we agreed that they will pay for the damage in case it does not work. They took the risk and fixed it in less than ten minutes. The surprising thing is that they suggested us to shift the petrol/gasoline generator into a diesel one so we can improve its capacity and minimize the cost of fuel. The next day they showed up again and successfully modified it from petrol a diesel one.

This made our team to ask them more questions about their Knowledge and skills, they revealed unexpected experience; they are qualified mechanics, highly skilled in welding and adjustment and electricity.

The next step was to see our Executive Director asking the team to process emergency support and provide them with the necessary tools and help them with business skills and set up a workshop where there can exploit their potentialities and become successful and self-sufficient.

We are are glad because we have made it.

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