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Why Work with Us

June 8, 2020 Fohope 0 Comments

Goal Driven Team

We build a qualified team that delivers the right services to those we serve.  We celebrate the positive changes made on others lives.

The assessment of each team member is result based, which means his/her best contribution to the improvement of the lives of underserved communities.

Girls Empowerment

By providing livestock raising skills and loans, we create opportunities for girls as part of gender equality by supporting them to become self-reliant and build a bright future.

In many Sub-Saharan countries girls are access to opportunities are very restricted where there are believes like domestic animal should belong to men only.

Women Financial independence

To contribute to the socio-economic development, we provide Business and Entrepreneurship literacy, and capital to lower income communities as a ticket for them to use their capacity to become self-reliant.

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